Published on 20th February 2019 | By Jake Causier

This blog post was originally posted by Jake Wright. Read the original post here.

This year I’ve decided to take a new and fresh approach to racing by joining the elite Spanish team G.D Supermercados Froiz, or Super Froiz for short. As the name of my blog suggests I’m the first English rider to join the team in its 30 year history, and coincidentally the first foreign rider too.

I am living in a town called Pontevedra, on the west coast of Spain in the region of Galicia. This is also where the team and my good friend Guille Garcia are based who is another rider on the team.

As this is a new experience for me and the team, I thought I’d start documenting my progress to make it easier to follow for my friends, family and any other cyclist from the UK looking to move to a foreign team. It’ll also be nice for me to look back on in years to come, no matter how far I make it in this sport.

But first I would like to thank a few people. I know everyone seems to have a blog these days and the following might not mean that much to the reader, but they mean alot to me and its important for me to express my thanks.


I feel very lucky to have a lot of great people behind me, who, after a tricky 2018 season just want to see me enjoy riding my bike and make the most of this opportunity.


First and foremost my family. Through thick and thin they have never questioned my ability, always supported my decisions and never put unnecessary pressure on me. I realised just how much they supported me last year when i had a very unfortunate season filled with setbacks and stress, and never did they put any doubt in my mind. My dad even came out with me to help me settle in and I know they can’t wait to see Pontevedra.

Dave Rayner Fund

The #DRF have simply made all this possible by funding my year abroad. This blog is also a thankyou to them as I’ll try to broadcast the good nature of the cause. Without their help I would be more caught up in financial worries and wouldn’t be able to just focus on enjoying riding my bike. I’ve learnt you can budget plan all you like but things always crop up, so it’s nice to have peace of mind, especially when in a foreign place.

Neo Pro Cycle Coaching

I’ve been working very closely with Joshua Hunt since the start of the off season and I’ve been blown away by the amount of time and effort he has put into me. I have fundamental trust in him as my mentor, which for me is crucial in order to feel I’m going in the best possible direction. He’s taught me valuable lessons like don’t sweat the small stuff, make the most out of every session and has given me valuable insight into the science behind his coaching methods. Not only that, but we often meet up on rides and the quick feedback has been crucial in adapting to unforeseen obstacles.

John Harrison

For those that don’t know, John is the owner of UK cycle clothing brand Lusso. He helped me out last year with some training kit, and when the season finished he said to drop in for some winter kit. Little did I know he would offer me a job! The whole lusso family really took me in, I was able to work around my training, help him come up with new ideas for 2019 and have a laugh whilst doing it. The quality of the garments they produce in my opinion is superior than anything else I’ve tried and it frustrates me to see that others underate them. So its been very rewarding trying to help them get the name out.

So far…

It’s been a jam packed 2 weeks since me and my dad drove over to Pontevedra. Meeting the team and staff, making friends, getting familiar with my new adopted home town and riding a lot. It hasn’t been straight forward, as nothing ever is, but im having a great time and settling in well.

Thanks for reading my first post. Stay tuned to hear abit more about the team, the training camp, upcoming races and who I’ve met so far.