Charlie Meredith

Is the first time you have had support from the Dave Rayner Fund?

Yes this will be.

What is your cycling history?

I got into mountain biking as my dad used to race it when he was younger, from there I slowly progressed onto cyclocross in 2011 and took up road in 2012. Eventually in 2014 I was racing youth nationals but never did well as I was so much smaller than the rest, Last year I won the National series which shows progression.

What team are you joining?

I have joined VC Toucy for 2017.

Tell us a bit about your team.

The team is based in the small town of Toucy and has already seen some of there riders go onto teams like FDJ and conti teams. We are DN2 but get into great races such as the AN Post Ras.

What is your race programme looking like?

We race a lot of French national elite races with the dn1 teams, pan flat to mountains, the racing will be cool. We also race some UCI 1.2 races, we've already done 6 1.2's in Morocco and our next UCI is the AN Post Ras.

What bike will you be riding and who supplies the team kit?

The bikes come from FDJ, so their Lapierre bikes with Di2 of course. Kit is from Sportex.

Do you have any other interests outside of cycling?

Apart from cycling well, nothing really.