Published on 8th November 2019 | By Jake Causier

From our Special Correspondent George Jary who joined the Team at the Rouleur Classic…

Now deep into the offseason most riders are gradually getting back on their bikes after some hard earned rest but behind the scenes at the Rayner Foundation the team are building into the busiest time of the year. After doing the hard miles to gain charitable status at the start of October and a big team performance at the Rouleur Classic, Joscelin, Serena, Nigel and the other committee members are hoping to hit peak form for the Dave Rayner Dinner at the end of the month.

For the Rayner Foundation gaining charitable status means far more than just a name change. Being recognised by the Charity Commission means the foundation can claim Gift Aid to get even more out of your kind donations. Corporate donations have also been long promised and can now become a reality. More income means the fund can increase their support to a greater number of riders, an early season victory.

After showing good form, the team at the Rayner Foundation went into their next objective full of confidence. It was time for the classics season, the Rouleur Classic to be precise. Lining up alongside some hitters, the Foundation’s stand didn’t disappoint. Dave Rayner’s iconic Raleigh Banana bike, the well placed Rocket Espresso machine and the new branding brought attention and generous donations.

A particularly popular figure at the Dave Rayner stand was Tim Harris. Along with the Rayner Foundation rider liaison Joscelin, the Flandrian has accommodated countless riders in their house in Tielt-Winge, many of whom Rayner Foundation supported. But next season Tim won’t be able to commit quite as much time to guiding young riders through the school of Belgian Kermesses as he will be one of the Bahrain Merida sports directors. As well as adding to the credibility of the fund, Tim’s new job puts him in a perfect position to give a World Tour opportunity to any Rayner Foundation riders who really excel in the next few seasons.

The finale of the Foundation’s classic’s campaign came on the Saturday morning at Rouleur when Tim, Joscelin, Nigel, Isabella and myself were invited on stage to talk about the Fund. I did my best to control the breakaway by talking about my time in Spain, Isabella contributed a fine leadout by talking about her experiences of Belgium before Tim’s stories of Gaviria and the lawnmower provided the sprint finish to delight the crowd.

Most of the Rayner Fund team are now at altitude in the Yorkshire Dales, preparing for their season goal; the Dave Rayner Fund Annual Dinner. Simon Yates is the standout name amongst what is sure to be a star-studded field at this year’s edition. Signs are positive that the team can carry their momentum into the event and make it a night to remember, we hope to see you there!

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