Published on 9th January 2017 | By Chris Walker

The Dave Rayner Fund is pleased to announce
the names of the 2017 Riders

A total 36 riders will be supported to live and race abroad in 2017
Jack BILLYARD is going to Italy with Zappi Racing Team @jackbillyard
Tom BRACEGIRDLE is going to Belgium to race for Goma Dakwerken Team @Bracey94
Alex BRAYBROOKE goes to France to race for race for AVC Aix Cycling Team @AlexBraybrooke
Lewis BULLEY goes to live in Belgium and joins MIBA Baguet Cycling Team @lewisbulley123
Megan CHARD will live in Belgium and race for Isorex Ladies Cycling Team @meganchard98
Calvert CHURCHILL will live in Belgium and race for Profel United Cycling Team @CalvertJC
Alice COBB will race for the LaresWaowDeals Cycling Team in Belgium @alicecobb3195
Henrietta COLBOURNE will race for the Swabo Ladies Team in Holland @henriettacolbo1
Gabriel CULLAIGH will race for the SEG Racing Team in Holland @GabzCullaigh
James DAVEY will go to Italy with Zappi Cycling Team @JamesDavey95
Jack ENGLISH will live in Belgium and join the Asfra Cycling Team @EnglishJack
Ben FOAMES DARRAN will go to Belgium with Goma Dakwerken @benfoames17
Dan GARDNER joins the AnPost Chain Reaction Cycling Team in Belgium @dan_gardner96
Leon GLEDHILL joins Mikes Bikes in the USA @Leon_Gledhill
Owen JAMES joins Cote d’Amor Cycling Team in France @Owen_Jame5
George JARY goes to Spain with Escribano Aero @GeorgeJary
Taylor JOHNSTONE rides for MIBA Baguet in Belgium @TaylorJohnstone
Harrison JONES goes to Spain with Foundation Contador U23 Cycling Team @harrisonjonesy
Ross LAMB goes to Belgium with Profel United Cycling Team @ross__lamb
Chris LAWLESS will ride for the Axeon Team in USA @ChrisLawless95
Andy LEIGH will ride for 2nd year with Tarteletto – Isorex @andyleigh95
Adam LEWIS rides for the Profel United Cycling Team in Belgium @adamlewis_95
Charlie MEREDITH goes to France in VC Toucy @CMeredith98
Louis MODELL moves to France with Hennebont Cyclisme @louismodell1
Olly MOORS is returning to MIBA Baguet Cycling Team in Belgium @ollymoors51
Abby Mae PARKINSON will ride for Drops Cycling Team and live in France @abbymaep
Elliot REDFERN will go to Spain to join Eiser Hirumet @Redfernelliot
Jake SCOTT rides for the second year with AnPost Chain Reaction in Belgium @Jakerscott14
Lucy SHAW will ride for Drops Cycling Team and live in Spain @lucyshaw123
Max SPEDDING stays in France but changes to UVCA Troyes @MaxSpedding1
Joe SUTTON will ride for the Goma Dakwerken Team in Belgium @joesutton890
Matthew TEGGART graduates to the AnPost Chain Reaction Team in Belgium @matthew_teggart
James WILKINSON stays in Belgium but rides now for Vertrapo Cycling Team @Jameswilki97
Stephen WILLIAMS goes to ride for SEG Racing in Holland @stevierhys_96
Max WILLIAMSON goes to Spain for Eiser Hirumet @MaxWilliamson98
Jesse YATES returns to Hennebont Cyclisme in France @JesseYates1996


We had a huge number of applicants and unfortunately not everyone could receive support. We hope that those riders who were unsuccessful nevertheless manage to fulfil their ambition to race abroad and we wish them the best of luck.


Further information about Female Riders
The Dave Rayner Fund is aware of the huge increase in the number of female cyclists in the UK, many of whom now participate in races. Whilst we have supported female racers in the past we do know that the numbers have not been as many as we would have liked.
We realise that there are many opportunities for female racers to join teams that do race internationally without actually making a home base abroad.
The qualification criteria of the Dave Rayner Fund has always been that we only support individuals that commit to living abroad for the whole duration of the racing season.
Perhaps because of this strict criteria we do not normally receive many applications from females that fulfil this requirement, so it is likely that we will consider amending the criteria for applications in future years.
In the interim however, in order to offer an alternative solution to females who would like to experience foreign racing without a long term obligation we propose to offer an opportunity to participate in a racing trip to Belgium and Holland in the summer months.
This trip would be an ideal fact finding mission for riders who are interested in perhaps spending more time abroad in the future and could therefore qualify later for our normal season-long support.
More details will be released later about the dates and itinerary. We will also give details of how to apply.

9 January 2017
For more information please contact [email protected]