Published on 10th March 2017 | By Chris Walker

Hi folks, I thought I would update you all on what my 2017 will look like and the sort of races I’m hoping to do and also what targets and goals I have this season,

I’ll be supported by the Dave Rayner fund for my second consecutive season which is brilliant, so big thank you to everyone involved.

Although getting onto a professional cycling team is the long term goal for me, this also involves smaller goals such as a certain race result or possibly a new personal best power average, all these things help you to reach that next level, one of the main things I’m focusing on this year is getting my name out there, doing bigger races and being aggressive and really giving it all I’ve got.
So this season I’m doing very similar race to last season, some national caliber races but I’m also going to be targeting races across the country like the prestigious Tulsa Tough and possibly Northstar Grand Prix, these races religiously get over 120 guys from across the country and sometimes globe competing making it fantastic competition and a real challenge, one of the stages at Tulsa Tough is called ‘Cry Baby Hill’ just to give you an idea of the level of pain, I’ll also be going back down to Dana Point GP to give that one another go, I managed 18th at this national level race last year with no team around me so I’m hoping this year with a solid team we can all do well.

Training is going well at the moment, I’m definitely going better than last season and can already see improvements in overall fitness and power, for you people wondering what my stats are at the minute here they are;
Weight: 70kg (154lbs)
20 Minute power (375w)
Max Power (1685w)

My strength really is in the punchy finishes, my max power has always been fairly high from doing so much track and also high cadence stuff helps me to get on top of my sprint much quicker, I’d like to be super fit going into summer as ill be heading back to Europe in July to race in Belgium/ Holland and hopefully try and get some results.
The team are awesome this year, I’m really happy to be surrounded by such knowledge but at the same time such youth and enthusiasm for racing, I’ts really refreshing to see a bunch of guys/ team mates that strive to help each other as much as my team does and that’s one of the main reasons we have so much success between us all I feel.
Check out these great images from out team camp in Marin County.