Published on 24th March 2015 | By Chris Walker

The second road race for me this year and another quick trip down the A1 to a sleepy village hall. As a I started my warm up the sun began to shine and I was already overheating, spring seems to be here.

With warm up complete I took my place on the start, the atmosphere was relaxed despite it being the first race of the year for many, and the only 2/3/4 road race in Yorkshire that month. We rolled out on to the the course and the flag was brought in to the lead car signalling the start of the race, it was the classic start with a group of riders chancing there luck from the gun.

Warming up in the background, a bit hot!

The group up head were setting a steady tempo but nothing that couldn’t be brought back by a 50 strong bunch of riders, I gave a few efforts on the front flicking my elbow to signal the next rider to come through but no one was really willing to put in a effort. It did not help that the largest team at the race had a rider in the break but the race was lacking the aggressiveness I was expecting.

On the attack

44 minutes into the race and with every minute passing the break was looking more likely to stay away. I attacked with full commitment hanging out front for 4 minutes, I was caught but the injection of pace seemed to have closed the gap down providing a springboard for another few riders to jump across the gap. In hindsight this was my opportunity to get over to the break, riding to conservatively.

Come through!

Again the peleton began plodding along, as attacks came people were happy to shut them down but each time riders were caught the peleton lost it’s incentive, playing into the breakaways hands. I had to wait until the final lap until I managed to escape with a group of 5 on the headwind section of the course.

The breakaway was still out front but they would soon be playing cat and mouse, it would be close as to whether we could catch them and I began encouraging the guys with me to work. I did more than my fair share but was not paid back, frustrating me when I should have kept a clear head. Looking back I should have attacked here like I did earlier with full gas and I reckon I would have come away with a better result.

We came down the final straight with the sight of the winners arms aloft, there was no flag at the finish meaning I left my sprint too late, finishing 10th.

The finish

Overall a fairly frustrating race, I was hoping for a bit more passion and aggression. My next 4 target races will all be National B and above which will probably suit me more than races like BBM. I will probably do a few evening crits in between as well where I can race a bit more freely and experiment.

Thanks goes to BBM Revolution Cycling Club, all the volunteers, marshals and commissaires for a well run race.