Published on 13th April 2015 | By Chris Walker

A Bump in proceedings

At the beginning of the year you sit down and plan the ideal year sort of speak, my trainings going to be X, my forms going to be Y, and at this point of the season I plan to have achieved Z.

But the thing with X, Y and Z although they don’t change in the alphabet, they change in the sport of cycling, especially when you use them as an example like this.
The above is exactly what has occurred this last few weeks for myself, at this point of the season I wanted to have seen a decent result, and one that I knew was showing progress, however after pushing through some ankle pain for a few weeks prior to writing this I made a decision the other week to see what the actual problem was, it wasn’t that I couldn’t race as such, more that I couldn’t train and every time I really applied the pressure on my pedals my ankle would greet me with pain, so when constantly been pushed in a race it takes some what of a battering, so much so that for the couple of mornings after I could hardly walk, which meant my training was starting to lack consistency.
After it eating away at me I went to see the local Doctor out here in Belgium, I listened to him and the conclusion was to take a week off, or at the most light turbo sessions with no pressure been applied through the ankle, when I looked at my plans for the season etc, this situation was not in them.
A week of light riding and resting really played with my head, I’m a bit hyperactive some might say, so from training nearly everyday to having a week virtually off I was driving myself mad. All I thought about was all the training and preparation I’ve done up to now and if it doesn’t get better or get treated after this week, is this season going the wrong way. Natural thoughts, but then I started speaking to the people that can really get me back to where I want to be, and they talk about it in a way that, yes, it’s not going to disappear, it’s not going to be easy, but with work it will be manageable, and thinking about it now, that’s all I need, I’m seeing improvements already, and pushing myself harder and harder, and I can start to see pinning a number on my back again just round the corner. Cycling it’s self hurts in general most of the time, so I should be use to it by now.
I thank the people who are supporting me with there patience and understanding, and also thank the people working in the back ground to make sure I can progress once again.
It’s possibly a good opportunity to say thank you to my Dad also, he knows that it was tough for me, but he has really helped sort my recovery, and made me look at the different angle from which this situation can be ¬†approached, listen, work and then get on with it. But hey I’m only 19 and a mental blip every now and again is allowed, that’s how you learn.
I look forward to the day I am ready to press on and race one again, which the way I’ve been feeling shouldn’t be to far away.
Thanks to the
Dave Rayner Fund
Pedal Potential
Edgworth Physio
Healthcare Management Trust (HMT)
For helping me back on my way and for the advise and on going support.