Published on 26th March 2016 | By Chris Walker


So far this year I’ve done around 9 races, which is actually quite a few, but in California you can start racing mid January because of the perfect weather, Although, up in NorCal its been very wet and cold recently and I’ve now done 2 races in the pouring rain.

Out of my 9 races this season I’ve placed 2nd, 4th, and 5th three times, and also a top 10 which is pretty consistent. I still have to keep telling myself that its still early in the season but my form just keeps improving, especially my sprint which I’m really working on this season, My year end goal is to make it onto a national level USA team and do the NRC/NCC series (National Road Circuit) and a season race goal is to get a solid result in Dana Point GP which is a USA National, many pros turn up to this race and having lived 4 miles from the course last year its something id like to do well in. So back to my sprint, I’ve been putting out around 1560 watts for my sprint which is pretty good, I think in order to podium in national races I need to be in the 1600’s but its getting there and I’m working hard to achieve that.
My next race is Copper Town Circuit race on Saturday 2nd April. I got 4th in this race in February so hopefully I’ll be able to better that next weekend, it definitely suits me.

Also a little side note, holy crap thank you all for 2,000 page views on this blog, I hope to one day become a professional and keeping a blog like this and the consistent results should really help that dream become a reality.

A big thank you to Sean Estes and Dean Pogni so far this season for really supporting my goals, and also a huge thanks to Andrew Cavaletto at Cycle Sport for his ongoing support.

Shout out to my bro Jason Gandzjuk for housing me for this race season, you’re the best man.