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Is the first time you have had support from the DRF? (if not, how long have you been funded)

 I’m very grateful to say that 2014 will be my third season receiving support from The Dave Rayner Fund

What is your cycling history ? (how long have you been cycling?, who introduced you to cycling, which club are member of  in the UK?)

 I’ve been riding about eight years and half decent for about three. My brother got me into it through punishing me on mountain bike rides and thankfully now I can return the favour back on the road (he loves it)! When I’m in the UK I have ridden for InGear QuickVit TrainSharp RT in the past.

What team are you joining in 2014? Tell us a bit about your team (any notable riders, famous DS anything like that)

 I’m joining Union Cycliste Nantes Atlantique, a French Division 1 team. Pascal Derame, one of the directors, was a rider for Motorola in 1997 and many riders have used the team as a stepping stone to a professional career, including: Frédéric Delalande, Scott McGrory, Franck Renier and Jonathon Thire to name a few! The team has over a 100 year history and a pretty full trophy cabinet.

Have they a website we can link to?

What is your race programme looking like?

 Very full and exciting! Lots of Elite Nationals, Coupe de France DN1 races and top level stage races.

Are you going on a training camp with the team?

 Yes, we’re going to Spain for the first week of February.

When are you heading out to Europe/USA?

 My flight to Nantes, France is booked for the 23rd of January.

Tell us your FaceBook and Twitter names and any blogs or website links.

 Douglas Dewey        &       @DougMDewey