Published on 2nd March 2017 | By Chris Walker

Is the first time you have had support from the Dave Rayner Fund?
It is yes, I feel pretty honoured to have my name on the list of funded riders looking at some of the previously supported riders and what they have gone on to achieve.
What is your cycling history ?
I got into racing at Scunthorpe Track league on a Friday night as an under twelve. I remember watching the races for a couple of weeks and being utterly terrified of having a go but my dad talked me into it, I didn’t do particularly well in the races but I enjoyed it MASSIVELY. I went on to a bit of cyclo-cross racing and then eventually road racing as an under fourteen.
What team are you joining in 2017?
Tell us a bit about your team.
For 2017 I am riding for Eiser-Hirumet based in the Basque country in northern Spain. It is a brand new team for 2017 but has some very experienced staff and great sponsors, as well as a good mix of riders from 18 to 24 years old. Even as a brand new team we have been mixing it with the top u23 teams like Caja Rural and Euskadi.
What are the details of the team Website/FaceBook/ Twitter and Instagram that we can link to?
What is your race programme looking like?
Our race calendar is huge, there is a race nearly every weekend and often a race on Saturday and Sunday. The Basque Country is a real hotspot for bike racing and teams travel from all over Spain to compete in the Basque Cup races. There is 50ish individual races which includes stage races so we could be looking at over 70 days of racing! We will be visiting France and Belgium for some races and also doing Tour of the Reservoir in the UK.
Where are you going to live?

I am living in a flat supplied by the team in a bustling town called Durango. It is in a valley so is surrounded by great mountain roads which make for some spectacular scenery! The town, although relatively small, is always bustling with people and has a great friendly atmosphere. 


What bike will you be riding and who supplies the team kit?
We are supplied with an Orbea Orca m20 with Ultegra and FSA finishing kit. Beautiful bike and it is only made down the road, we’ve ridden past the factory a couple times! Our clothing is supplied by Bioracer and is of outstanding quality and fit, the team have done a really great job designing a unique kit for this year and it being made by bioracer just tops it off!
Do you have any other interests outside of cycling?
I am quite interested in cars and motorbikes, particularly modified cars and often visit car shows with friends when I am at home in the UK. Being a cyclist and the lifestyle that comes with it don’t really support this interest though! 
Your Twitter and Instagram  names and any website or blog links
Twitter: @MaxWilliamson98
Instagram: @mmaxwilliamson