Published on 23rd February 2015 | By Chris Walker

A new season 

There are a lot of people who enjoy their comfort zone.
That’s not me! 
Why would you not try to be the best person you can be? Why can’t you push yourself to your limits? Why can’t you set yourself goals that are sky high? 
These are the things I don’t get about some people : you only get one shot at life, so why not try to be the best you can be? Think big! Achieve big!
Having left my comfort zone five weeks ago and moved into a season with so many unknowns, I have once again started the year with the Zappi team‘s training camp in The Algarve. Or, more exactly, Tavira, a beautiful coastal town in the South of Portugal. It has everything a cyclist can dream of in the winter months : beautiful scenery with longelegant mountain roads leading to remote hill top townsfast and furious descents overlooking the bright blue oceanand access to empty roadwith not a car in sight for hours. And, the most important thing of all, SUN! 
The daily routine is paying off, from the prebreakfast walks to the 5-6 hour rides with the local pros, battering ourselves, racing to the next town or the top of the climb. Our racing in Portugal and Spain takes us to the end of April whewe move to Italy for a three week stint, participating in races such as the Piccolo San Remo. Then a two week break back at home.
My legs and general condition coming out here were something I worked hard on over the winter, a lot of sacrifices were made but as I keep telling myself, I’m here for one thing. Winter is hard and boring but can also be wicked fun. I love exploring what the countryside has to offer, especially when I come across a gem of a cafe.
As my father used to say … actions have consequences! I hated when he said that. Simply because I didn’t get it at the time……
With only 3 days until our first race the team is all so excited. The support of this year‘s new team sponsor, Planet Xhas been amazingthe equipment and accessories have been appreciated by everyone on the team, especially me.
On a more personal note, I would like to acknowledge the help provided to me by Bromsgrove District Council through Councillor Anthony Blagg. In addition, this season will be made much easier thanks to the financial support of the Dave Rayner Fund (