Published on 11th August 2017 | By Chris Walker

After an uncertain start to the season with knee trouble. I began my season in February nervous and not wanting to disappoint the new team. But I was pleasantly surprised to find I wasn’t in that bad of condition and I impressed in my first few races mainly because of my team riding and effort I put in. This bode well as I found myself being entered into the bigger events. Mainly to work for the team but often found my way into the breakaways which I much preferred because it meant no pressure.

As the season got underway I quickly realized there was no shortage of racing but was able to stay consistent rolling in Results. Which did wonders for the head. Again boding well with the team as they allowed me free reign in the races.

By April I had really good form and was on for a ride at the Tour if Brittany, this being my big target for the season. In the run up to the event is was between me and one other rider and I unfortunately missed out.

One thing for sure there is a great ambience with the team, while everyone does their job there is always a laugh to be had. Never any stress, even having a beer before a race is encouraged and frowned on if you don’t accept.

The team has no shortage of results this season and is on top of the table in France with 28 wins and 67 podiums.

The end of June I took a break at home from racing and reflected on the season. Took time to see my family and friends which was once again great for the head. I then returned in July ready for the second part of the season but unfortunately a week in I found myself really Ill and on antibiotics. I recovered at home before returning for Kreiz Breizh Elites a big UCI stage race in Brittany, again being a big target. But absolutely gutted for my Illness to return three stages in.

I am hoping to make a full recovery as soon as possible and return to racing.

Massive thanks to the Dave Rayner Fund for their continued support. Look forward to seeing everyone at the Dinner In November.