Alex Braybrooke

AVC Aix en Provence
Dave Rayner Funded Since: 2016

Is the first time you have had support from the Dave Rayner Fund?

This is now my 3rd year being supported by the Dave Rayner Fund

What is your cycling history?

I grew up riding bikes with my family from a young age. As I got older I started to race as a youth and then as a junior. I experienced racing abroad as a Junior which inspired me to want to race on the continent as an U23. As a first year U23 in 2016 I lived and raced in Belgium for Lotto Soudal U23.

What team are you joining?

I am with French team AVC Aix en Provence for the second season.

Tell us a bit about your team.

They are a DN1 amateur team based in Aix en Provence, Bouches-du-Rhone. The team is made up of a mix of U23 and older riders, with a mix of U23, Amateur and class 2 races on the programme.

What is your race programme looking like?

A good mix of all kinds of racing, the early part of the season is predominantly made up of 1 day French amateur racing. Then as the season gets going some stage racing and a few trips to Italy for some U23 UCI races, so plenty to get stuck into!

Where are you going to live?

I am living in Aix-en-Provence

What bike will you be riding and who supplies the team kit?

The team bike is Canyon Ultimate SL equipped with Campagnolo Chorus, Corima wheels and finished with Ritchey Components. Local French Madewise supplies the kit.

Do you have any other interests outside of cycling?

Not all to much, I enjoyed spending last off season with family and friends who I didn't see all to often last year. But also trying to find a good cup of coffee on a rest day keeps me entertained.