Calvery Churchill

Is the first time you have had support from the Dave Rayner Fund?

No I was funded for a period of time in 2014, I've since taken a break from being supported and decided not to apply for the fund until such a time where I thought I was worthy of it.

What is your cycling history?

Cycling has always been in my family from my Dad racing as an amateur to my Grandad organising races such as a pro crit in Norwich city centre where Dave Rayner Fund committee members Sid Barras and Keith Lambert raced. A nice little link there From there I didn't take up competitive cycling till the age of 18, where I raced a few times in England and then headed off to Belgium to get a real idea of what it was like to race ! Talk about been thrown into the deep end. Since I've spent almost 3 seasons on and off in Belgium, around the Kempen.

What team are you joining?

United Cycling Team

Tell us a bit about your team.

UCT is a Top Competition team with 20 odd riders, including other Rayner funded rider Ross Lamb and Adam Lewis. I have to say it's one of the strongest and most well organised amateur teams in Flanders, and have a strong programme of races in Belgium and across the continent.

What is your race programme looking like?

The race programme includes a lot of interclubs and Top Comp races towards the middle of the season, also a few stage races here and there, as we have a big team the riders get split up and have a good chance of riding something during busy weekends.

What bike will you be riding and who supplies the team kit?

Ridley Fenix SL and Bioracer all of which is made and put together just down the road in Beringen and Tessenderlo

Do you have any other interests outside of cycling?

I enjoy music and have my own set of turntables, I play mainly reggae and dancehall and collect vinyl, I've even put on a few Reggae nights back home in Norwich, during the off season of course!!!! I take interest in a lot of other things as well including tractors, as and when I have the money I'll be looking to invest in one for my brother to run as he is farmer back in Norfolk a solid investment all round and they depreciate less than a car or my bike when it comes to price. My dream tractor would be a Fendt Vario 1050.