Gwenno Hughes

Westland Wil Vooruit
Dave Rayner Funded Since: 2019

Is the first time you have had support from the Dave Rayner Fund?

Yes, this is the first year I'm supported by the DRF.

What team are you joining?

I'll be joining team Westland Wil Vooruit.

Tell us a bit about your team.

It is based in Breda in the Netherlands and consists of around 11 U23 riders focusing on the road races.

What is your race programme looking like?

Our racing programme looks full and with plenty of hard racing. We started the season together in Cambrills at our team training camp and to prepare for races such as Omloop Van Strinjen and also the Healthy Ageing Tour.

Where are you going to live?

I'll be living in the town Breda, with fellow DRF rider Kim Baptista.

What bike will you be riding and who supplies the team kit?

My race bike is a Trek Emonda Sl6. And the team kit is provided by Bioracer.