Sam Henning

Asfra Racing Team
Dave Rayner Funded Since: 2018

Is the first time you have had support from the Dave Rayner Fund?

Yes, 2018 is the first time I’ll be funded by the Dave Rayner Fund.

What team are you joining?

My team this year is called Asfra Racing Team.

Tell us a bit about your team.

The team is based in the heart of Flanders, in Oudenaarde. It has been running for many years now and competes around Belgium and in some race further afield in wider Europe.

What is your race programme looking like?

Very hectic! There’s no shortage of racing in Belgium. I hope to race lots of UCI’s and of course many Kermesses.

Where are you going to live?

I will be living in Ronse which is a few kilometres south of Oudenaarde.

What bike will you be riding and who supplies the team kit?

The bike is Flanders RX01 in matt black with green detailing to match the main sponsor. The kit is supplied by NicoSport