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Is the first time you have had support from the DRF? (if not, how long have you been funded)

No this will be my 3rd year

What is your cycling history ? (how long have you been cycling?, who introduced you to cycling, which club are member of  in the UK?)

I started cycling seriously at the age of 16 having come into the sport from triathlon. I had always cycled from a young age with every year going to France with my family to cycle up all the famous mountains in the Pyrenees and Alpes. But once I started racing I was then permanently hooked, racing in all my local circuits and from then on it has been a steady progression through the ranks.   

What team are you joining in 2014? Tell us a bit about your team (any notable riders, famous DS anything like that)

I will be joining the DN1 Team UC Nantes Atlantic for 2014 which is a great opportunity for me. They are considered one of the best amateur teams in France with each year riders progressing into the pro ranks and riders such as Simon Gerrans (GreenEdge) having rode for the team before he turned pro.

Have they a website we can link to?

What is your race programme looking like?

At the minute I haven’t received my race programme but will consist of mainly Elite national as well as some UCI ranked races spread across France   

Are you going on a training camp with the team?

There will be a training camp at the end of January in Spain

When are you heading out to Europe/USA?

I will be heading back to France at the end of the month

Tell us your FaceBook and Twitter names and any blogs or website links.

Smallen18 and Sam Allen